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When my mom was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, first I bought the book, "Beating Cancer with Nutrition", next, I researched an excellent, high-quality protein powder. What I like about Promod is that its very fine so it mixes easily, even in plain juice and the best part -- it has no taste. This is especially important for cancer patients with sensitive stomaches and confused taste buds. I've used Promod myself for extra protein in my diet simply because it doesn't add a weird taste to a juice drink and it's fine so it doesn't get lumpy. -- Lisa J.
P.S. I searched everywhere and didn't find Promod in any health store. You can purchase it online.

PROMOD is a source of concentrated, high-quality protein for people with increased protein needs or those who are unable to meet their protein needs with a normal diet. It is an ideal supplement to add to food, beverages, or orally and tube-administered enteral products that do not provide sufficient protein for a particular clinical condition.

PROMOD may be used indefinitely as a protein supplement. Although PROMOD may serve as the sole source of protein when provided in appropriate amounts, it does not provide a balanced diet and is not for use as a sole source of nutrition.

  • For preoperative or postoperative protein supplementation
  • For nutritional support during cancer therapy
  • For patients requiring increased protein due to excessive losses, such as in stress, trauma, or burns
  • For patients with acute renal failure, or those being dialyzed and requiring additional protein

ProMod - Protein Supplement - powder - 9.7 oz can
ProMod - Protein Supplement - powder - 9.7 oz can


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